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Benefits of Website

A good internet presence not only increases the chances of new customers. Those who can present themselves correctly online provide new prospects with the most important information and at the same time increase the opportunity to increase sales.

A website is the modern business card

Anyone on the net can access your company website. It should therefore be clear what your company has to offer. See your homepage like a kind of shop window. What information do you want to present, what makes you stand out? Perhaps it is factors such as regionality, opening times or special service and product offers that make you interesting. Certain criteria are important for every customer and can be decisive in decision-making. Your website is the best way to keep regular customers and gain new customers through communication and support.

Inspire the customer

More and more people are looking for potential providers on the Internet. Whether companies, craftsmen or other service providers, who cannot be found with their own website simply does not exist for this target group. A website not only offers you the opportunity to create a modern image, but also to present the products and services offered in the right light. Show your customers which products and services you offer and especially why you stand out from other competitors. References on your website also serve to increase customer confidence in the company’s performance. Mobile devices are becoming increasingly important in our society. For this reason, your website should also be optimized for your smartphone or tablet.

Available 24/7 anywhere

Compared to other advertising formats, such as posters, flyers or advertising in magazines, your own website is very cheap and relatively easy to manage. They also offer the opportunity to be reached around the clock. A particular advantage: Your own website is not only available in Germany, but also enables customers all over the world to find your company. This means you can act internationally and network with business partners or competitors worldwide. In addition, offer your customers several options for contacting you. No matter whether via telephone numbers, contact forms or e-mail addresses. Customer contact is extremely important these days. Contact options should therefore be clearly visible on the home page.

Innovative and individuality convince

Innovation and individuality play a big role in your website. Your company should present services authentically on the home page. Show what the customer gets from you. Describe your complete services and not just your special features. A transparent presentation, for example through information about the tools, means and methods used, creates additional trust. Because the customer is rarely informed about these things. No matter whether for small or large craft businesses, there are many options to customize your own website and at the same time reflect the personality of the company. Photos and videos from everyday craft work, customer reviews or a portrait of the master craftsman can be helpful. However, a good website does not end with the website. Company blogs and social media channels enable direct and fast contact with customers. This gives you the opportunity to quickly implement opinions and criticism.

Use keywords and micro-interactions

Keywords are used to obtain certain information in search engines such as Google or Bing. The use of keywords is particularly important for the search engine optimization (SEO) of your website. Therefore, make sure to add keywords to your texts that match the content of your content. This will automatically suggest your website in the various search engines above and increase the chance of increasing the number of visitors. In addition to keywords, the use of micro interactions is another function to make your own website innovative. Micro-interactions give users the feeling of being part of the action. Whether on a smartphone or on a PC, micro interactions improve the user experience immensely. Having your own website is an important building block for companies in online marketing. Together with social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Co., it forms the company’s presence on the World Wide Web. Nowadays, an optimal presentation of your own company is an essential part of business operations and is an integral part of it.

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