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Branding Your Brand on Your Smartphone

We now know that apps on smartphones are used more than browser content . And there is a good reason for this: Apps are adapted to the device in terms of operation .

Advantages of apps


  • Once downloaded, app content is also available offline .
  • Companies, brands, publishers are represented on the smartphone screen with their app icon .
  • Apps offer greater ease of use by swiping when navigating.
  • Interactive elements (enrichments) can be easily inserted into apps that are difficult to implement on websites.
  • Apps offer access to system functions such as camera, GPS, microphone, gyro sensor etc.
  • Users can be informed about new app content with push notifications .
  • Different content can be made accessible to different groups through user administration .
  • Users only have to register once in the app for content requiring registration .
  • Good app frameworks offer functions such as bookmarks, notes, language selection, live updates, voucher codes, search in all app content and much more
  • Apps can be used for internal corporate communication , for impressive product presentations , for content marketing , for digital magazines , for schooling and training , for annual reports and much more.
  • Apps can save printing and distribution costs for conventional types of printing.

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